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The Midlands and the Connemara Pony

While the Connemara Pony is synonymous with Galway and in particular the Connemara area, it must be acknowledged that a very significant contribution has also been made by many dedicated people in other parts of Ireland. In this regard, none more so that the heart of Ireland, better known as ‘The Midlands’. Some very respected stud farms such as Abbeyleix, Garryhinch, Irishtown, Monaghanstown and Kilpatrick became established in this particular area. These farms in turn have been credited for the breeding of some very famous ponies who together with their progeny are now spread throughout the world.

Because of the tradition and involvement of the Midlands area in the Connemara Pony, the ‘Midlands Connemara Pony Breeders’ (M.C.P.B.) was formed in June 2002. The aims and objectives of the group are realistic and simple, but also very focused. The group shall support and assist the parent Society in their continued development and enhancement of the Pony maintaining the tradition and standards set by individuals long past. A primary objective of the group is to provide educational programmes for all its members and which shall address all aspects of the Pony from animal selection to animal welfare. In addition, the group strives to support its members in relation to the sales and purchases of animals.

The group looks forward to the future and the continued breeding of quality ponies. It is also the wishes of the group that all breeders and supporters within the area acknowledge its intentions and aspirations and find it prudent to become members in due course.

For the group to achieve its goals and ambitions, the availability of financial resources shall be necessary. In this regard, the group must continue to raise funds. However, any person or company wishing to offer sponsorship or a donation, shall be very much appreciated and the group shall endeavour to acknowledge the gesture in a most appropriate way.